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(Any mix of Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, pretentiousness, and drugs sets off the anti-spam bot. This is both amusing and irritating at the same time.)

I don’t see how this pretentious. If you want pretentious involving drugs, then you need to read some of Grant Morrison’s and Warren Ellis’ stuff at some point (and those writers are still awesome despite the occasional bout of pretentiousness anyway). This is actually fairly par the course, and likely a believable thing for a person suffering a psychotic episode to undergo. When we’re alone, we do construct personalities to keep us company.

Oftentimes it’s someone we know, or have known, but if someone is especially creative/genius/insane (and there’s always a fine line between the three, as anyone who has that sort of mind is aware of), then creating a personality from a companion cube might be more likely. It’s not the most creative thing ever, but it’s all he had to work with. It would’ve been funnier if it’d been a disabled turret, though, and more unexpected. You could’ve done a lot with a disabled turret. I might have used a disabled turret, in fact. Hmmm…

Regardless though, not talking about the quality, but rather just not sure how this amounts to pretentious.


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